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TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor is a fast acting probe designed to detect hydrocarbon fuel floating on water, spreading on a flat surface or collecting in a sump. The probe ignores water, but detects a thin film of fuel floating on the surface. The probe is available in two lengths for fixed position installations and can also be fitted onto a float assembly if the water level is unpredictable. Reaction time for the probe is typically a few seconds for light or middle weight fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel, and diesel. It is also responsive to crude oil and some heavier weight fuels and heating oils but becomes progressively slower as the fuel volatility decreases.

In many cases the FFS probe will reset after the probe is removed from contact with the spill and the fuel is allowed to evaporate. Some heavier fuels require that the sensor be dipped in naphtha in order to clear the heavier fuel residuals. The sensor may be used repeatedly without replacement until it will no longer reset. The probe fails in the “alarm” state so there is no ambiguity when it is necessary to replace the probe.

TT-FFS probes are designed to work only with TraceTek leak detection instruments, and are not suitable for use with other non-TraceTek circuits. The probe may be periodically tested using small amount naphtha (lighter fluid). The probe resets when the naphtha evaporates.
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