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The TT-TS12 Touch Screen Panel provides a graphic user interface to manage and display information from a network of up to 250 external TraceTek leak detection circuits. The 12" full color, high resolution SVGA display is complimented with an industrial quality touch screen for user interaction and control. The TT-TS12 collects data from a network of TraceTek Senor Interface Modules or wireless Mesh Transmitters. The status of all leak detection cables and probes is displayed in a top level summary and the current details of any selected channel are displayed at a single touch. The display features interactive and dynamic leak location maps and displays. The location of any detected leak is displayed by a flashing icon positioned over the floor plan, piping layout or the photo of a single piece of equipment at the user’s discretion. Audible alarms, summary relays, serial data and web interfaces are provided as standard features.
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