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>> TTDM-128 Datasheet
>> TTDM-128 Datasheet (Chinese)

Installation Operation and Maintenance Manuals
>> TTDM-128 Alarm & Locating Module Installation Instructions
>> TTDM-128 Alarm & Locating Module Installation Instructions (Chinese)
>> TTDM-128 Operation and Maintenance Manual

>> Commercial Leak Detection Brochure



The TTDM-128 unit monitors up to 5000 feet (1500 m) and/or up to 127 external TTSIM-1 units. Each TTSIM-1 unit can monitor an additional 5000 foot (1500 m) length of sensor cable, providing total system capacity in excess of 150,000 feet or more than 48 km. When liquid is detected on any segment of sensor cable, the TTDM-128 sounds and alarm, closes relay contacts, turns on an LED and displays the channel number and location of the leak on an LCD display. The leak detection event is logged to an event history file and all status and event information is made available via RS232/RS485 MODBUS to any host PLC or plant or building automation sys-tem. A simple map showing where the sensor cable has been installed is the only field calibration requirement. Each segment of sensor cable detects, locates and tracks leaks entirely independent from one another. There is no loss of sensitivity and no re-mapping required after an initial leak is detected.
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