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The TTSIM-2 Sensor Interface Module monitors up to 500 feet (150 m) of TraceTek sensing cable. With its internal alarm relay, front panel LED status indicators and LCD leak location display, the TTSIM-2 can be used as a stand-alone leak detection alarm or it can be connected to a TraceTek SIM network, Distributed Control System or Building Management System. When liquid is detected, the TTSIM-2 activates its alarm relay and display the leak location on the front panel LCD. The TTSIM-2 can also provide accurate leak location information to a host system using standard MODBUS, Opto-22, or Johnson Controls Metasys protocol. Although massive sensor cable systems are possible with networked TTSIM-2’s, their low cost makes it economical to build very robust systems with many small independent sensing cable segments. No field calibration is required other than a map to show where the sensor cable has been installed.
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